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Banking Messaging Solutions

Financial Flow Suite


Ancre FFM

Financial Flow Manager FFM

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Financial Flow Manager is a toolbox developed by Barrel Wave Solutions that will fill the gap between the Bank Information System ("Core Banking") and the Bank Messaging application (e.g. SAA - Alliance Access). The software aims at managing the Bank Messaging activities not covered by either your CBS or the banking messaging application.

Our solution brings complementary functionalities that will save to your organization valuable resources by automating many low added-value tasks within your operational teams.

FFM can automate the monitoring of flows and the management of payment reconciliations by setting up useful real-time alerts, but also by producing relevant and easily readable reports.













  • Automation of tasks with little added value,

  • Flow resilience,

  • Saves time on tasks & activities,

  • Financial gains in relation to developments and internal maintenance,

  • Financial gains in relation to NAK salaries

Key Benefits of FFM

FFM,fill the gap between the Bank Information System & the Bank Messaging application

Key Features FFM

  • Possibility of communication with one or more Queue Managers,

  • Operation in MQSeries Client or MQSeries Server mode,

  • Management of MQSA and MQHA protocols,

  • Message storage,

  • Interface for managing messages of type FIN (MT & MX), FileAct and transmission notification (PAN, NAN, ACK, NAK),

  • Transformation of FIN messages (SWIFT-compliant print format, Mail format, DOS-PCC format, RJE format),

  • Reconciliation PAN/NAN and ACK/NAK,

  • Control of duplicates in transmission & reception,

  • Control Regulation EC 1781/2006 (fields :50_: and :59:),

  • Management of distribution and routing rules,

  • Printers & prints management,

  • Notifications by email (technical & operational alerts, notifications to Customers),

  • Detection of NAK at cost 0 (Bankfile and RMA relations management),

  • Control in 4eyes mode,

  • Disaster recovery management - event log (server shutdown, ...), 

  • Backup of messages or files processed or being processed in a database.

Ancre FFX

FFX – Financial Flow XML Converter (ISO20022)


Financial Flow XML Converter completes the FFM solution.

This module has been created in order to meet the demands for the evolution of payment message standards but also to cover all categories of SWIFTNet FIN messages in MT format.

FFX is integrated into FFM as an add-on module.

Key Benefits of FFX


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  • Fast implementation

  • Standard MT><MX converter

  • Financial benefit in terms of internal or external developments and maintenance

  • Financial benefit for the volumetry

Ancre FFT

FFT – Financial Flow Tracker (GPI)


Financial Flow Tracker is an add on of the FFM solution.

This module is a tool for the automation of FFM flow tracking.

Based on the required parameterization, FFT automates the issuing of MT199s concerning the follow-up of GPI payments.

FFT interfaces with the SWIFTNet GPI service.


Key Benefits of FFX

Financial Flow Tracker

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  • Automation of GPI activities

  • As a complement to the FFM solution, FFT benefits from FFM functionalities (customer notifications)

  • Financial benefit in terms of internal or external developments and maintenance

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