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Alliance Messaging Hub (AMH)


Highly customizable, Alliance Messaging Hub enables the processing of financial message flows and integration with back-office systems. AMH is a solution that processes large volumes of messages daily and offers high levels of availability, high performance, flexible flows and a modular structure.

Designed to provide all these features, Alliance Messaging Hub (AMH) is a financial messaging platform for financial institutions and shared infrastructures. 
Scalable and customizable, AMH supports your business activities, with message processing that allows you to connect to multiple networks around the world.

The platform offers seamless routing between different messaging services and has powerful integration capabilities. 
With AMH, you will be able to generate custom flows, transformations, report definitions and complex business routing.

AMH is also designed to operate under high volumetric load, processing thousands of messages in a second. The plateorm includes an automatic failover mechanism, transparent retrieval, automatic reconnect mechanism and automatic retry functions. 

Easily expandable, the platform can provide additional services and protocols based on your needs.

Alliance Messaging Hub – the flexible, modular messaging platform

Advantages AMH

Booster for commercial operations

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AMH is designed to speed up the introduction of new products and services and accelerate the development of new business lines. This is made possible by the platform's ability to manage trade flows through a simplified plug and play principle. The platform also supports data segregation and facilitates the processing of audited financial messages to meet commercial and regulatory requirements.


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Designed for high volume, high performance, high availability and scalability, AMH is easily expandable to additional services and protocols. The platform supports linear scalability by upgrading individual hub deployments or by providing additional instances that run in parallel and share the workload.

Multi-network and Unified Communications

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By consolidating multiple financial gateways, AMH offers a unified approach for all communication channels by decoupling communications and business workflows. The platform provides simplified and centralized operations with the same look and feel as message management. Working across messaging silos and cost-shared business units, AMH helps streamline connectivity between different networks.



Proven to operate under a high message load, AMH features Active-Active architecture, automatic failover, automatic reconnection and automatic retry functions. Meanwhile, horizontal scaling of the platform provides the required throughput performance.


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The platform's business process engine provides flexibility and return on investment when integrating with existing applications. AMH also allows technical business experts to create their own business flows, transformations, report definitions and complex business routing. With an intuitive graphical user interface, support for open standards, web services and an SOA approach, AMH can be integrated and adapted to any business environment.

Search Efficiency

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AMH "PowerSearch" function speeds up the response to financial messaging queries, meeting the data search needs of the operational teams more effectively.
This is accomplished by offloading the search and response mechanism from the Oracle database to a separate load balancing copy of the data that can be searched. With the load removed from the Oracle database, restrictions no longer prevent queries from accessing large areas of the database, which speeds up search results.

AMH Workbench


All transactions processed by the platform are associated with a single-view AMH instance called Workbench, allowing business and operational users to easily access financial messages. 
The Workbench provides a consolidated view of all messages processed in all straight-through processing (STP) engines. 
Exceptions are handled on the Workbench instances to which users are currently logged on.

Advantages for your organisation

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  • Faster time-to-market for new products and services

  • Highly customizable to meet different messaging needs

  • Supports multiple networks for file and message processing

  • Flexible workflow orchestration to support the most demanding data management requirements

  • Broad support for current and future industry initiatives

  • State-of-the-art product evolution and scalable platform

Key Features AMH

  • Full support for SWIFT, SIX, Fedwire Funds / TCH CHIPS and numerous clearing networks

  • Ready-to-use adapters for flexible back-office integration 

  • Graphical design platform for configuring, defining and transforming trade flows

  • Open, component-based architecture   

  • Seamless solution for seamless integration

  • A user-friendly web interface 

  • Flexible infrastructure to easily design messaging solutions for SEPA, TARGET2, funds, corporate actions and many others

  • Resilient and efficient to support volume growth and peak volume

  • Decouples user activity from direct traffic, increasing resiliency and throughput

  • High resilience

  • Support for key industry initiatives such as ISO20022, ESMIG, CSP

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