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Service Bureau

Based on AMH platform from


Barrel Wave Solutions offers Alliance Messaging Hub (AMH) to its clients, a modular, multi-network, financial messaging solution from SWIFT. 

Our service

Globalization has significantly increased the number and complexity of banking connections. It requires to the bank and financial organizations a secure, reliable, and cost-effective partner to rely on for domestic and international payments.

Barrel Wave solutions relieves organizations from the complexity of financial message technology and infrastructure helping them to create a business payment strategy in order to be successful on their market supported by a SWIFT Certified experts and the latest technologies.

AMH Platform

As an authorized SWIFTNet Service Bureau offering the latest SWIFT’s banking messaging tool, Alliance Messaging Hub (AMH), BWS provides a modular, multi-network, financial messaging solution.


Fully customizable and highly resilient, AMH uses the latest technologies to manage messages and files for numerous networks in parallel, providing extensive throughput and sophisticated data management for our clients.


Our experts help you get the maximum return on your investment with efficient methods and processes making the externalization of your banking messaging seamless, and with minimal overhead to your IT and Business teams.

The solution provided delivers seamless routing between different messaging services, increasing straight through processing (STP) rates and allowing for greater agility, improved flexibility and new levels of efficiency for your organization.

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